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Alongside Trauma Poly/Queer/Trauma/Sexuality Resources of 2023

Books: Non-Fiction

It Came from the Closet: Queer Reflections on Horror by Joe Vallese

A collection of short essays on the intersectionality between classic (and non classic) horror movies and stories and queer identities.

This Script is From [The Past] and Sam White and the Seven Inner Demons by Sam White

Collections of poetry written by a local Ontario author about her experiences with moving forward and living with childhood trauma.

Autism Partner Handbook: How To Love Someone on the Spectrum by Joe Biel and Faith Harper

One of the most impactful reads for me of 2023. A very easy to read and straight- forward book full of concrete advise and understanding for being in a relationship (of any kind) with a partner on the ASD spectrum.

The Hilarious World of Depression by John Moe

A honest and down to earth novel about the popular Hilarious World of Depression podcast host, John Moe on living with depression. The book does not focus on giving advise, but rather provides a look into someones journey of living with mental health and making it through the ups and downs.

I Hate You--Don't Leave Me: Third Edition: Understanding the Borderline Personality by Jerold Kriesman and Hal Straus

A comprehensive and accessible read about BPD. It provides the reader with general understanding of BPD, identifies coping strategies and tools for partners/friends of individuals with BPD.

Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex by Angela


Another incredibly impactful book about the spectrum of Asexuality. Before reading this book, I was not aware that Asexuality WAS a spectrum. I found the read incredibly validating and informative. The author does a fantastic job of addressing and explaining different types of human sexual and non-sexual desire/intimacy and providing coherent information in an accessible way.

Girls with Bisexual Baggage by Clementine Morrigan (zine)

A zine about bisexuality, internalized homophobia and reclamation of femme desire.

Books: Fiction

Camp Damascus by Chuck Tingle (TW: homophobia and conversion therapy)

A story about a badass queer main character who breaks the secret of a local conversion therapy camp.

The Only Safe Place is Left in the Dark by Warren Wagner (TW: HIV/AIDS Epidemic)

A HIV positive man needs to find a way to source his HIV medication during a zombie apocalypse.

Crosshairs by Catherine Hernandez (TW: Racism, homophobia, government suppression)

Several in-depth main characters, both queer and not, rise up against a government system creating work camps of queer and POC people.

Bitch Planet: President Bitch Vol 2 (comic)

If you haven’t read Bitch Planet Vol 1, I highly recommend it! Bitch Planet is about queer and both cis and non cis female characters fighting against a government society attempting to exile women who do not fulfill their “duties” to the patriarchy.

The Marigold by Andrew Sullivan

A Dystopian?? (Very loosely used in this context) novel about a fungal takeover of multiple high rise buildings being bought up and left empty by investors.

How High We Go In the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu

A novel about how several characters process grief during a pandemic.

A Suitable Companion for the End of Your Life by Robert McGill (TW: Assisted dying)

A Dystopian novel about a new approach to assisted dying and the human fear of dying alone.

Blindness by Jose Saramago

A Dystopian novel about a plague leaving most humans completely blind and how quickly humans can fall into chaos during crisis.


Turning Heads: short film documentary by Queer Collective

A short film about how queer folks identify with hair and how important it is to have spaces to express our queer identities outwardly through fashion and hair.

Mormon No More: Documentary series (TW: Homophobia, spiritual abuse, cults)

Two queer women speak about their experience about leaving the LDS church in the United States

The Deep End: Documentary series (TW: Spiritual abuse, cult, exploitation of vulnerable people)

A documentary about the controversial and (in my opinion) deeply problematic celebrity “guru” Teal Swan

Holy Hell: Documentary (TW: cult)

A documentary about the Buddhafield cult.

Money shot: The Pornhub Story: Documentary

A decently balanced documentary about the porn industry and implications of Bill S-210

PRIDE: 2021 Mini series

An absolute MUST WATCH for both queer and non-queer folks. Often times, documentaries about queer history are extremely grim and depressing. THIS IS NOT THAT. Every episode, focuses on one decade. They left me feeling empowered and proud of our history and the queers who came before us.

How to Become a Cult Leader: Documentary series (TW: Cults)

A cheeky docu series about different cult leaders and the tactics they used to create their followings.

Devil on Trial: Documentary (TW: Spiritual abuse)

A documentary about a survivor who to this day, believes that he was possessed by the devil.

John Oliver: Last Week Tonight

Overall, a cheeky way to keep up to date with politics from a socialist POV.

Some More News Youtube

Delightfully cheeky socialist video essays on a range of topics.

Russell Barkley ADHD YouTube

A fantastic resource available for those of us wanting to learn more about ADHD and coping mechanisms.


How to Hack your ADHD

An engaging podcast where episodes are only about half an hour or less! All about ADHD and coping mechanisms.

The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems

For folks who are interested in learning more about Internal Family Systems Theory, otherwise known as “Parts work”.

You’re Wrong About

An engaging and sometimes hilarious podcast on things that we got wrong as a human species. My favourite episodes were the ones on the Satanic Panic and Exorcism.

Canadaland: Cults

An independent journalism podcast - Season 3 reviews different cults.

Sounds like a Cult

A podcast hosted by Amanda Montell, author of the book Cultish. Her and her co-host discuss the every day cults we know and sometimes, love.

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