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A List of ADHD Resources I Recommend as a Therapist and Someone Who Lives with ADHD

Updated: Apr 24

The internet is a black hole of knowledge and information. This is amazing and can also be overwhelming to navigate. It is hard to know what information is well researched, coming from a reputable source and helpful in the long run. This is why I have decided to put together a list of my favourite ADHD related resources to help folks who are starting their journey in learning more about ADHD. These are all resources that I have personally utilized and am familiar with.

I am still early on in my own collection of ADHD resources and will update this blog with new additions as I find them.


Ultimately, I really dislike chatty podcasts - please just get to the point. I have only really found one podcast that does this and does it well. Hacking Your ADHD.


Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russell A. Barkley This is a really well organized and easy to read book on adult ADHD that provides explanations for why our brains work the way they do, and realistic coping strategies from a non-shaming approach. Russel Barkley also has a number of books on kiddos with ADHD and autism.

Stolen Focus is a fantastic book on ADHD, written and researched by Johann Hari who wrote Lost Connections - my favourite book on the causes of depression.


If you are more of a visual learner, Youtube has got some good stuff. Again, I recommend Russell A. Barkley's Youtube channel where he provides a wealth of knowledge on ADHD in accessible videos and a well organized way.

Johann Hari is featured in this Youtube video on ADHD.


Zofia Reych is a climber who has a solid blog where she sometimes writes about her experiences with depression and ADHD.

Cosmic Anarchy writes about ADHD and neurodivergence through an anti-capitalist view.

Community Resources:

I appreciate the accessibility of The ADHD and Spectrum Centre of Ottawa and Guelph. They have a number of resources, online learning courses, as well as, one of the more affordable options for ADHD diagnosis.


IG: @adhd_love_ is popular Instagram account. A couple shares what works for them and shares further resources from time to time. They also wrote the book: Dirty Laundry which is an accessible read for folks with ADHD and their partners etc. It is also available on Blinkist - which is a cool app/website that summarizes books into audio files or bullet points.


Here is a list of resources from Idea Exchange that were handed out an an ADHD and Women panel I presented on.

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