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Learning to walk with, instead of against, your trauma.



I offer Trauma Therapy for survivors of childhood abuse who have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect and/or addictions.

Trauma Therapy is not an easy or short process. I share skills and knowledge needed to begin walking alongside your trauma, instead of against it. As every person is unique, my therapeutic approach will be different for every individual.

Trauma can make us feel powerless. Healing our trauma, takes our power back. I am queer-identified, non-monogamy/poly friendly and strive to offer an open-minded, comfortable, safe(r) space to process traumas. Evening and Saturday appointments available.

My practice includes components of Trauma-Centered Exposure Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to create unique and individualized approaches for each client. I share trauma education throughout the sessions because the more we understand about our trauma, the less scary and overwhelming it becomes. 

​You can book a therapy intake appointment through Sage Naturopathic Clinic in Kitchener, located on Queen St. You can book online at or contact the clinic directly at (519) 573-6700. 

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I currently provide private counselling services at Sage Naturopathic clinic downtown Kitchener, bringing a specialization in early childhood trauma.

Coming from a complex background myself, I developed an interest in better understanding how early childhood trauma impacts us throughout our adult lives. I believe in using a person-centered holistic approach with my clients to develop trauma symptom coping skills that are unique to them.

These symptoms can include anything from anxiety, depression, bodily responses to trauma and substance abuse.

I also offer generalized counselling for grief, mental health and every day stressors.

In my spare time, I teach yoga at a number of local studios, write, publish poetry and hike with my German Shepherd Husky.

You can follow me on Instagram @alongsidetraumakw or meet me in person by booking a counselling appointment through Sage Naturopathic Clinic. 



Addressing the impacts and effects of trauma



I specialize in trauma therapy for survivors of historical, ongoing, childhood trauma. Ongoing childhood trauma has a unique effect on the brain and early childhood development. These effects can become problematic in your adult life.

Contact me today and lets start the hard work towards walking alongside your trauma and addressing what needs to be talked about.


Addiction can be isolating and is often misunderstood.

Addiction is often caused by underlying trauma and often begins as a coping mechanism which then becomes problematic. Addiction can lead to debt, damaged familial relationships and increased mental health complications.

If you feel like addiction has taken over your life, addiction counselling is a step in the right direction.

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Worried about your teen? Or, are you a teen wanting to talk to someone who can see things from a neutral point of view to help you navigate this challenging stage of your life?

I've worked with teens since the beginning of my social work career and can offer the support you may be looking for.



I believe that educating as many people as we can about trauma, starts conversations that really matter with each other and in ourselves. 

Not only understanding how trauma impacts the body and mind, but WHY, provides unique insight to yoga instructors, educators, police services, paramedic services and child care providers.

For more information on the cost of my workshops, please send an e-mail to 


Yoga & Meditation

I offer yoga and meditation for anxiety and depression. 

Connecting to our bodies and breath through yoga can be a way of beginning or maintaining the journey of healing from trauma. 

I also teach a number of weekly studio yoga classes. For more information, please contact me directly. 

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Cannabis Education & Yoga

Trauma survivors have been using cannabis to help aid with PTSD symptoms long before legalization. 

Research has proven that when used responsibly, cannabis can aid with sleep, focus, anxiety, physical pain, appetite and a number of other symptoms of trauma.

I offer cannabis education sessions that provide helpful and practical knowledge about cannabis for those who desire a better understanding of medicinal use. 

I am Ganja Yoga certified and the only Ganja Yoga certified Yoga Instructor in Ontario. I founded Cannabis Yoga in the cities of Kitchener-Waterloo in 2018 and offer pop-up cannabis yoga classes throughout the year. 

For more information, please contact me directly. 





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