Learning to walk with, instead of against, your trauma.



I offer virtual Trauma Therapy in Ontario for survivors of childhood abuse who have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect and/or addictions. Trauma Therapy is not an easy or short process. I share skills and knowledge needed to begin walking alongside your trauma, instead of against it. As every person is unique, my therapeutic approach will be different for every individual. Trauma can make us feel powerless. Healing our trauma, takes our power back.

I am queer-identified, non-monogamy/poly and kink friendly. I strive to offer an open-minded, comfortable, safe(r) space to process traumas. 

My practice includes components of Trauma-Centered Exposure Therapy and psychoeducation on the nervous system and Attachment Theory to create unique and individualized approaches for each client. I share trauma education throughout the sessions because the more we understand about our trauma, the less scary and overwhelming it becomes.

You are welcome to schedule a free 15-minute meet and greet where we can meet in person, or over the phone, to determine fit. I can answer any questions you may have about Trauma Therapy and my style. 

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Childhood and Adult Trauma, LGTBQ, bi-affirming, Non-monogamy, Kink and Sexuality, Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, Religious Trauma

I am a registered therapist (MSW, RSW) with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, as well as, the Ontario Association of Social Workers, meaning that my services are covered by most health care plans. I currently provide private counselling services at Sage Naturopathic clinic downtown Kitchener, bringing a specialization in childhood, developmental and complex trauma.

Coming from a significant trauma history myself, I developed an interest in better understanding how early childhood trauma impacts us throughout our adult lives. I believe in using a person-centered holistic approach with my clients to develop trauma symptom coping skills that are unique to them.

In addition to my therapy practice, I am also a writer and publish writing on trauma, sexuality and queerness on Patreon. 

You can follow me on Instagram @alongsidetraumakw or meet me in person by booking a counselling appointment through Sage Naturopathic Clinic. 

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I offer couples therapy for partners who may be struggling with trauma, intimacy, connection, conflict or understanding each others needs.

In addition, I offer joint sessions for parents and children, chosen family, friends, polycules and roommates. Joint sessions can offer a safe(r) space and extra support to communicate through challenging times or provide general healthy relationship upkeep. 

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My approach to trauma therapy includes Exposure Therapy (talking about the traumatic events), Attachment Theory (understanding how our early relationships impact how we connect with others as adults), Polyvagal Theory (understanding how trauma impacts our nervous system) and offering psycho-education throughout the therapy sessions.

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I offer a safe(r) space to discuss alternative relationship styles, sex, BDSM and kink. This can look like discussing topics pertaining to sexuality and sexual orientation, healthy and safe sexual expression, harm reduction practices, kink and BDSM through the lens of trauma and reconnecting to your sexuality after trauma. I believe that healthy sexual expression is your right and I strive to offer a non-judgemental and educated space to explore these topics.



I believe that educating as many people as we can about trauma, starts conversations that really matter with each other and in ourselves. 

Not only understanding how trauma impacts the body and mind, but WHY, provides unique insight to yoga instructors, educators, police services, paramedic services and child care providers.

For more information on the cost of my workshops, please send an e-mail to jessica@thesageclinic.com



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Yoga & Meditation

I offer yoga and meditation for anxiety and depression. 

Connecting to our bodies and breath through yoga can be a way of beginning or maintaining the journey of healing from trauma. 

I also teach a number of weekly studio yoga classes. For more information, please contact me directly. 

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Cannabis Education & Yoga

Trauma survivors have been using cannabis to help aid with PTSD symptoms long before legalization. 

Research has proven that when used responsibly, cannabis can aid with sleep, focus, anxiety, physical pain, appetite and a number of other symptoms of trauma.

I offer cannabis education sessions that provide helpful and practical knowledge about cannabis for those who desire a better understanding of medicinal use. 

I am Ganja Yoga certified and the only Ganja Yoga certified Yoga Instructor in Ontario. I founded Cannabis Yoga in the cities of Kitchener-Waterloo in 2018 and offer pop-up cannabis yoga classes throughout the year. 

For more information, please contact me directly. 

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Fees for Virtual Trauma Therapy Service

50 - Minute Virtual Therapy Session 


65 - Minute Virtual Joint Therapy Session (Parents, Partners, Friends, Roommates etc.) $160



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